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Siren x Netflix

Born March 1, 2022


On March 1st 2022, Siren gave birth to 9 perfect puppies! We have 4 females and 5 males in an array of colors! 

At this time all puppies are spoken for.

Watch Us Grow!


Headed to our new families


Witcher (Blue Collar) now known as Richter lives with Netflix in Louisiana.


Joe Exotic (Yellow Collar) now known as Roo lives in New York.

Squid (Red Collar) is now Titus and lives in New York.


Rio (Pink Collar) is now Dahlia and lives in New Hampshire

Reign (Orange Collar) is now Pixel and stayed with us in Florida.

Ozark (Black Collar) is now Harry and lives in Florida.


Banks (Green Collar) now known as Buddy lives in New York.

Love (Purple Collar) is now known as Lovey and lives in Florida.

Lucifer (Brown Collar) is now Mazikeen and lives in South Carolina.

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