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How to find a responsible breeder

In a time where knowledge is so easily accessible, so many people still struggle understanding how to find a responsible breeder. So many people seem to not understand the importance of a good breeder. I see others who think they found a good breeder but have only found someone who is dishonest and hides behind buzz words and a fancy website. I'm going to share reasons on why finding a good breeder is so important and how to vet your breeder yourself.

Why Should I care?

Why should you care how good your breeder is? Breeding is a crap shoot. We are gamblers. Science doesn't guarantee anything and life really isn't fair. That means health issues can seemingly just "pop-up". Truthfully sometimes they still do. Thanks to science and research though, we have discovered many genetic markers for devastating health conditions and through selective breeding, we've been able to lessen the chances of these diseasing showing up in your puppy. 

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