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Below are policies when it comes to purchasing a puppy from Rensai Kennels

  • All puppies will go home with Prepaid AKC Registration

  • A deposit (partially refundable) must be placed to hold your puppy, this is due after you have been approved for a puppy from the litter.

  • Puppies have been raised using Puppy Culture & AviDog 

  • Breeder will match puppies to their homes based on the needs of the puppy and family, if you have a gender or color requirement pairing you to a puppy may take longer.

  • All homes must fill out a puppy application & will be interviewed to see if a puppy from my breeding program is a good fit.

  • Puppy picks are made at 8 weeks after Volhard Temperament Test & Conformation Evals

  • All pet puppies will be sold as a "co-own" until puppy has been spayed/neutered. Breeder will be a "silent" co-owner and will only be involved with care should the need arise.

  • Show prospect puppies will be sold as a "co-own" until buyer has satisfied the agreed upon requirements to remove seller as co-owner.

  • Puppies must live inside the home.

  • Puppies will not be flown cargo when traveling to their new home. Puppies can be transported as carry-on on an airplane or or ground transport. All "Flight Nannys" and commercial ground transporters must be licensed and insured and approved by seller.

  • Puppy pick up will be in Jacksonville, FL unless different arrangements have been made.

  • Pick up date will generally not be before 10 weeks old. Homes can choose a pick up date from 10 weeks until 12 weeks unless breeder feels the need to hold a puppy longer. Flat Coats flying as carry-on can leave as early as 8.5 weeks since there is a small window that the puppy will fit as carry on.

  • Puppies must be picked up on the agreed upon date/location; A No Show with no contact may result in breeder selling puppy to another home on the waitlist.

  • Puppies must be paid in full before pick up. Personal checks must have cleared the bank before a payment is considered "Paid". It is highly recommended to use cashier's checks or cash instead.

  • Puppies will be vet checked by breeder's vet within 14 days of puppy leaving, they will be up to date on all vaccines (Distemper/Parvo), free of parasites, issued a FL State Health Certificate and microchipped.

  • Microchip is prepaid for life and transferred into the new home's name.

  • Both AKC and Microchip registration will be transferred to new owner after receipt of payment.

  • Buyer has 5 days from of receipt of puppy to have the puppy examined by a vet of their choosing to activate their 2 year genetic health guarantee. Two years starts from the contract date.

  • All puppies are sold with 30 days of free pet insurance through Trupanion

  • Puppies may be returned to breeder within their first 14 days in their new home for a full "No Questions Asked" refund

  • Puppies registed name must contain the prefix "Rensai"

  • "Once Loved, Always Loved"-- If buyer can no longer keep puppy it MUST be returned to breeder.

  • 2 year health guarantee for genetic defects, 1 year health guarantee for congenital defects, 7 day guarantee for communicable diseases/parasites.


  • Breeder will remain "silent" co-owner until dog has been spayed or neutered OR Dog has completed all health tests, has at least a CH and Two Performance titles recognized by AKC and for bitches, breeder has been given a puppy back.

  • Dog must not be bred before 24 months of age

  • Dog must have all required health testing and have been issued a CHIC # prior to being bred

  • Dog must have proven itself in the conformation/performance ring for their breed

  • Breeder is allowed 1 free stud service to use on any dog they choose; in lieu of free stud service breeder may opt to collect and store dog for future use.

  • Breeder is allowed to choose one puppy back from one litter on a bitch

  • If owner decides to place prospect, breeder has first right of refusal.

  • All puppies are sold as prospects and there is no guarantee that they will be worthy of breeding or have a successful show career.

  • Breeding prospects are only sold to current ethical breeders active in the show world.

  • All puppies will be on a "co-own" until proof of spay/neuter. Breeder will be "silent" co-owner unless the need arises for breeder to get involved in the care of the dog.

  • Puppies will be sold on AKC Limited Registration Only

  • Puppies must be spayed/neutered between 24-36 months; Dogs may be left intact longer with written consent of breeder but breeder will remain as co-owner while the dog is intact-- Vasectomies & Ovary Sparing Spays can be done anytime before 36 months old.

  • Once proof of sterilization has been given, breeder will remove name from AKC paperwork

  • Puppies must attend two group obedience classes; one enrolled before 9 months of age and the other enrolled after 12 months of age.

  • Dog must be a family pet and be kept primarily indoors.


  • Breeder will be listed as co-owner and will essentially own the reproductive organs of the dog.

  • Dog will be sold at full price but that will be promptly refunded after the dog has been used for breeding.

  • Females will be bred no more than two times and will go to the breeder to whelp puppies, buyer will be compensated with choice of puppy or price of one puppy per litter. 

  • Females will come back to breeder for breeding, whelping and raising the puppies. Generally females are sent to breeder at day 50 of pregnancy and return home around the puppies' 8 week birthday. During this time breeder is responsible for all care for the dog including boarding, food and vet care. 

  • Buyer is welcome to call, visit, request photos/video as much as they wish during the time the dog is with breeder

  • Breeder will supply special food/supplements, if any, to be given during breeding/pregnancy

  • Breeder will pay for all showing, health testing and breeding expenses.

  • All puppies are sold as prospects and there is no guarantee that they will be worthy of breeding, because of this breeding prospects are sold at the same price as companions, there are no refunds if a dog does not turn out.

  • Co-own homes have the option to change their contract to a companion home at anytime.

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