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What are the main goals of your breeding program?

My goal is to produce dogs that are within breed standard, who exhibit working ability. I pay special attention to health and temperament in my dogs to help prevent diseases and injuries. I recognize dogs are companions above all else, so I strive to produce dogs who are easy to live with. A lot of my dogs require active homes but when placed in the correct home and given a proper outlet, they should be able to live indoors without negatively affecting their new owners' quality of life. I emphasize soundness in my dogs because unsound dogs are more prone to injury and may not be able to enjoy an active lifestyle like they deserve. Temperament is the most important part of my program though, I will not breed a dog with fearful or aggressive behavior, temperament is largely hereditary & I won't risk passinging on negative traits that make the dog a risk to own. 

Can I meet the Sire & Dam?

I don't own males for the most part so I breed to Sires not in my home, some are across the country or even the world, so while I'd love to let you meet him, he likely won't be here to meet. The Dam lives with me and is a beloved pet, people who pick up locally will have the option to meet her. I have plenty of pictures about the parents on the website for your viewing pleasure. 

Why do you breed your dogs back to back?

Studies have shown breeding a dog back to back is actually healthier in most dogs. Of course there are exceptions and the health and wellbeing of our females comes first. Some girls don't recover as quickly, especially if they've had a C-Section or other complications. You can visit this website to read more about why more and more breeders are choosing to breed back to back.

Can I pick out my puppy? How do you choose puppies for their new homes?

No. I spend 24 hours a day with these puppies for 10 weeks straight, I know way more about them than a few pictures and videos will tell you. It's my job to pair you with the best puppy possible. I have puppies' temperaments evaluated by an outside source to help tell me what this puppy may be like as an adult so I can pair it to the most suitable home. Because of this, my waitlist is not done in chronological order. I give preference to show/performance homes but always have puppies suitable for companion homes too.

How much are your puppies?

It varies from litter to litter. I don't charge any different for breeding or guardian homes because all puppies start out as companion puppies, there is no guarantee the puppy will turn out to be of breeding quality. I do refund the purchase price of guardian home puppies, after the dog has been bred or the home can opt for free puppy back. 

When can I spay/neuter my puppies?

Spaying/Neutering before 18 months old voids my health guarantee (except if there is a medical reason like pyometra) , there are numerous studies that found dogs left intact through maturity are less at risk for orthopedic issues, deadly cancers and anxiety. Puppies must be spayed/neutered by 36 months old, unless written consent is give to leave the dog instact longer. You can do a Vasectomy or Ovary Sparing Spay (OSS) at anytime if you prefer.

Why do you have to co-own all intact animals?

I co-own intact animals to prevent unwanted litters and ensure I am able to get an unwanted dog back. As an owner I must sign off on any breedings and I want to have a say in who my puppies are bred to, I also can hopefully be permitted to obtain the dog should he end up in a shelter. I will only get involved if the need arises. Staying on as co-owner also gives me the opportunity to  show prospects in the Bred-By classes, which is a huge honor as a breeder.

What does AKC Limited Registration mean?

AKC Limited Registration is registration for non breeding dogs. It makes it so the offspring aren't registerable. Dogs on limited registration are still AKC registered and are eligible to compete in all the AKC activities except conformation. If a home would like to dabble in showing we can discuss lifting the limited status and doing a guardian type home agreement. 

How do you raise your puppies?

Puppies are raised in my home and are exposed to all the noises and activities of an active home. They are raised following Puppy Culture and AviDog. They have ENS & ESI done, are clicker trained, have been introduced to a crate, are litter trained, have ridden in the car and have been exposed to as many people, places and things as I can safely do in the first 10 weeks of life. This creates a well adjusted puppy as the first 12 weeks is the most critical socialization period of the dog's life.

At what age to puppies go home?

Generally puppies can start to go home at 10 weeks old. Some of the larger Flat Coat puppies may go home a tiny bit sooner if they are flying due to carry on size restrictions. I also sometimes hold on to a puppy or two if I can't decide who I want to keep. I know everyone is excited to get their new puppy but getting an older puppy will not negatively affect the bond you will build.Puppies learn vital life skills from their littermates and mother between 6-12 weeks of age that they cannot learn from anyone else. 

Do you ship puppies? Do you sell to people who don't live in the US?

Yes. I offer two shipping options. You can hire a licensed flight Nanny or ship your puppy via ground transport with an approved USDA licensed company. I will sell puppies to people in other countries on a case by case basis.  

What does your health guarantee cover?

My guarantee covers genetic defects that the parents have been health tested for, life altering congenital defects and communicable diseases/parasites that may have been picked up under my care.

What Does my puppy come with?

Puppies all come with a going home bag that includes toys, treats, chews, a blanket that smells like their litter, supplements, their records, collar & leash, plus some extras. They will have a special pet insurance offer from Trupanion, Microchip, up to date on all age appropriate vaccines, free of parasites, a health certificate from a licenced vet and 24/7 breeder support. They will be AKC registered online and AKC will mail you the certificate. 

What if I can't keep my puppy?

Once loved, always loved. Your puppy is always welcome to come back for any reason. If the puppy is returned within the first 14 days of purchase you will receive a 100% refund. I require all puppies, no matter the age come back to me for placement. If you have a friend who would like to take your puppy, they must apply through me after I have possession of the dog. Under no circumstances must the dog be resold through Craigslist, a broker or given to a rescue or shelter. 

Can I come view your home?

Due to the COVID pandemic and the safety and privacy of my family, home visits aren't currently allowed. Photos are posted of the puppies daily on the Facebook Group Here. Puppies are raised in my (busy) home with small children, a cat, other dogs of different sizes and reptiles.

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