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Flat Coated Retriever- Female

DOB 07/21/2021

21.75" tall 46 pounds at 16 months old

AKC Major Pointed Rensai Legends Never Die TKN VHMP DS DDB

Genetic Diversity Test- Better Bred

Black Carries Liver

Health Testing- Pending (too young)


Ever is Epic's daughter and a very special girl. She's still very young but has already shown potential in the show ring and the performance ring. She loves field work, dock diving and frisbee. She's very athletic and a joy to train. She is probably the most honest dog I own and she tries to make me look good. She has a wonderful temperament and has never met a stranger. My 6 year old put a Novice Trick Dog title on her at 10 months old! She's participated in 4H dog shows with junior handlers and has never missed a beat. The best part is her off switch though, while she can do activities all day, she's also content just napping on the couch. She's exactly what I was looking for when doing this pairing, I'm not sure I can produce a dog as perfect as her but I sure hope to try!

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